Pros and Cons of Building a Two-Storey Home

Double-story homes are designed and built to maximise block areas and prospective views while creating a useful and elegant living space. 

It all comes down to personal preference and the size of the property. A two-story home, like anything else in life, has advantages and disadvantages. This article will highlight the key pros and cons of a two-storey house. So, whether you are house hunting to purchase a two-storey home or intend to build one, we hope this article will give you a few insights into this all-important area.

Pros of a two-storey house

Space efficiency

A two-storey home will optimise the space you already possess. By building upwards, you will be able to add additional living spaces. This form of a house comes in handy, particularly if you have a small block of land. However, suppose you have a larger block, there are still positives of building a two-storey home. Remember, if you possess a large block of land, you don’t have to build a two-storey home within the entire block. 

In fact, you can build a well-planned two or three-storey home and have enough additional space for a spacious back garden. In reality, a back garden comes in handy if you have little children and pets. Additionally, you can build a swimming pool as well within the additional space.

More privacy 

Another advantage of two-story homes is the increased privacy. A two-story residence, as compared to a single-story home, can include separate living spaces. A good example is children’s rooms can be on the ground floor and the master bedroom and living space where parents can live on the upper floor. This option will provide the grownup occupants greater privacy. Also, this sort of arrangement is fine when children can have more space to play for themselves without intruding on the privacy of parents. Particularly these days when many people work from home this feature will come in handy.

Grander views 

There is no doubt that wherever your two-storey house is located, you will receive some type of elevated view. Whether it be the beach, hills, greenery, or even neighbouring properties in the distance, a view is most likely. Having additional windows upstairs can also allow increased natural light to seep into your house. In fact, this is a smart way to reduce spending on electricity bills in the sunnier months of the year.

Cons of a two-storey house

Concerns about security

Whilst two-storey homes can appear beautiful to look at and are space-efficient, there are some cons associated with them. Especially when it comes to little children, those who are in a wheelchair and have mobility problems, and the elderly. In this respect, we deem a single-storey home better suited.

Design adaptability

When building a two-storey home, it is imperative one has to be smart and choose the design well. When building, you will have to take into account the design aspect of both levels to ensure both levels come together seamlessly. Also, remember, you need to allocate sufficient space for an efficient staircase, which will, in reality, take some space.

Heating and cooling costs

Temperature control in two-story homes is frequently more complicated than in single-story ones. Furthermore, during a hot summer month, the upper level might heat up significantly, resulting in higher energy expenses. While building, be sure to include a heating and cooling system, such as a central system. We all know a central system requires ducts and vents and it can cost double to install them after construction is complete. One must keep in mind that heating and cooling a two-storey home is a bit expensive compared to a single-story home.

In conclusion

Above is our list of the pros and cons associated with two-storey homes. So, make sure to keep them in mind if you are buying or constructing a two-storey home. What one must keep in mind is if there is a sufficient budget, then there is no element stopping you from building one that suits your lifestyle and preferences. 

At LEXMO Homes, we specialize in custom design and building two-storey homes. We offer a wide range of two-story designs and exclusive homes to suit every customer’s requirements. We built our homes with love and quality to last forever. We always focus on excellent customer service and the transparent building process. Please do consult us when it comes to building your two-storey home and we will be delighted to share our experiences with you.

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