About Us

Lexmo Homes

We specialize in custom design and build homes. We offer a wide range of single and double-story designs and exclusive homes to suit every customer lifestyle. Our homes are built with love and quality, to last forever. We always focus on excellent customer service and the transparent building process.

Our story

LEXMO Homes is a top-ranked house building company in South Australia. We provide professional client-focused Designing solutions, constructions solutions and innovative customized home automation solutions.
LEXMO Homes & Constructions is a Civil Constructions working company in Adelaide, South Australia. In consequence, being successful in undertaking constructions projects continuously.
Past years of business experience and professionalism in Australia. Until now the company have completed hundreds of projects in Australia.
As Building designers & contractors, we were able to furnish high-quality construction services beyond the client-satisfactory from the beginning. We are always sticking with smart Strategies and unique creations to give the best value to investments beyond expectations.
Now we are in the process of much focusing on our services and expanding our capacity of LEXMO GROUP around Australia.

Our Design Philosophy

We desire to make your life comfortable and luxurious and see your smile with a quality house that matches your lifestyle.