Is your style more traditional or modern?

It’s no surprise that the last few years have redefined the importance of “home” and especially an inviting, functional kitchen. The kitchen is often the connecting and entertaining centre of a home, so it’s important to consider the many aspects that come together to create a great kitchen.

What makes a great kitchen is a combination of things – including the layout, style, storage options and appliances. Irrespective of trends, when it comes to kitchen design, there are certain things you can do that will last much longer than a trend will. Keep reading to discover the key elements of our most loved kitchens.

What is the traditional style?

The traditional design theme represents a timeless and aesthetic value, and it never goes out of style. The traditional designs are highly focused on rich dark colours and the designs are also packed instead of large and open spaces. If you are considering a traditional design, the furniture should feature dark wood in vibrant tones. The walls and decor should incorporate patterns such as plaids, floral, and stripes as they lean more toward traditional tones. Moreover, there should be a lot of detail. Detail is the height of traditional designs, so everything from the floor to the ceiling should be detailed and precise.

Style elements you will see in traditional design

  • This design style focuses on dark colours and woods, ornate details, pattern textiles, and cosy charm. 
  • Symmetry is used to highlight cues of the feeling of balance, predictability, and safety.
  • Echoes traditional homely comfort and style.
  • The traditional design is all about the details.
  • Traditional kitchen designs use a lot of real wood finishes, sometimes painted to be white or grey.
  • Stone tiles, marble or limestone countertops, and classic patterns, are common as well within the style parameters of traditional design.
  • Trim and moulding are also commonly featured.

Modern designs call for a clean-cut and sleek finish. Unlike traditional design, modern elements focus on intentional asymmetry. In real-life, modern design elements are designed to appeal to people who like open spaces and vibrant rooms. Modern design is often bold in colour and design. It focuses on bright colours in terms of furniture, walls, art, and other items. Moreover, details are not as important as rigid structures, and asymmetrical elements shine above all else.

Minimalism in modern design

One of the most notable features of modern design is minimalism. Minimalism is the key to modern designs; it eliminates clutter and trinkets, giving a more relaxed environment. We believe it to promote a healthier flow of ideas due to the lack of congestion.

Best design for small spaces

When picking either a traditional or modern design, there are several things to consider. First, consider how much space you have. Small spaces do not call for a lot of detail. A small area has to look larger than it is. The best way to achieve this is to take on a modern design that incorporates minimalism. So if you have a relatively small plot of land, it’s best to build a house on the lines of modern design where space allocation is optimised.

Style cues you will see in a modern home

  • Clean-cut and sleek finishes, tend to focus on intentional asymmetry and cutting out unimportant design elements and detail.
  • Sharper, cleaner edges, lighter wood flooring, uses of concrete and steel, and interiors that skip the adornments.
  • Modern home designs are simple, in principle and more minimalistic.
  • There won’t be any floral patterns found anywhere in the home, for that matter.
  • Angular structure and bold, sharp edges. 

Can you mix traditional with modern?

If you’re wondering if you can mix modern and traditional interior design elements, the answer is yes! Mixing modern and traditional styles can help you find a balance between the minimalist, relaxed, and open feel of modern decor and the patterned, bold, and warm feel of traditional design. Modern Traditional design elements aim to create a timeless space that has touches of vintage and rustic looks with elements of the modern age.

Creating your perfect home

LEXMO Homes will help you create your ideal home build, no matter your design preference. We will make sure every detail is to your liking until your dream home becomes a distinct reality. Talk to us today and find out why you should pick LEXMO Homes as your home builder.

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