Are you building a new home? Building a house is a milestone as an adult.

Also, building your very first house even more exciting. The reason is you are going to get involved in every single step of your dream house from the beginning. There is a lot of decisions to be made and you may be wondering what you need to choose first. 

Here are some tricks and tips that are going to help in deciding and planning your new build.

What You Should Need to Know Before Building Your House

Even if you don’t know a single thing about building houses. You can still build a high quality, beautiful and completely customized house. If you select the best builder.

The most important thing about the process is understanding your main requirements. Keeping the requirement narrow. The more narrow the easier it to understand your wants.

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Choose a House Design

When you consider the house design you have to look forward to your future. Remember you have to consider your plans and goals.  You have to consider your family size, budget and your lifestyle.

Considering that you can plan your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom size. This depends on the quality of your house plan.

Your house plan should be made considering privacy and furniture arrangement. Be careful about your basic house structure, future cost and especially safety when you building a new house.

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Find A Good Land

Finding good land is not an easy process. There are a lot of things you need to know before buying land. How does the location suit your lifestyle? Which direction do you want your house to face? Do you like a lot of sunlight? 

Before buying land that makes your house match your expectations. Create a land list and visit different sets of land to get to know about the market. Also, estimate the cost that it takes to raw Land into developed land. It’s good if you can hire an inspector or an engineer before you directly build the house. 

Doing small research about your land will help you to answer these small questions and doubts.

For example, you can do a small research about the cost of acreage near or around a selected place.

Choose a good builder

“How to choose the right builder?” This is the main question you have to face during the project. 

It’s important to go through every little detail before you sign an agreement with the contractor.

You can check whether they have a licence and insurance with them. How many experiences they have in the construction field. What is the previous work they have done and what kind of customer review they have? Ask for their portfolio and reference skills.

Licenses and Insurance

When you think about the new house building, designing or the renovation work process selecting a good builder is the most important thing.  It’s really important to select a builder who has a verified licence and registered insurance.

You should be concerned about builders who deny or explain that they are legally permitted to engage in building and construction work. Some builders’ licenses or registrations have expired and some of them license revoked. But still, they are involved in the building industry.

To get started, you can check if your builder is registered by requesting their membership list from the Master Builders of Australia (MBA).

Experience and skills

Before you sign the contract do a small research about the selected company and its external Experience and skills
It’s good if you can find how long the business has been around? Check whether the house owners are satisfied? Check the client testimonials of past work. Ask for other customer references. ‘Would you recommend them to family and friends?’. If the answers are negative, dig a bit deeper and ask why the experience was not great.

Every home builder has unique designs and skills. If you are looking to build a new company, look for a seasoned team.
Ask your friends, family and anyone you know for recommendations. Word of mouth is the best way to get honest feedback.

What warranties do they offer you?
Do they offer termite prevention? This might cost you in the short-term but it’ll likely save you thousands over the long-term.
The agreement.

The contract should include the construction start date, key construction stages and the completion date.